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Order Banner Stand Online and Market Your Business Effectively

In an era where Millennials rule the world marketing your business can be quite challenging especially now that they want more than just artistry but they are also looking for cool, unique and innovative features businesses have to offer. But with so much competition going around, you might find finding ways to market your business out there and attract new clients a bit hard to do. Make marketing your business your priority with this list that we have created for you:

Banner Stand

Use Retractable Banner Stand to Promote Your Tarpaulin

Tarpaulins are a great method of marketing your business but putting it on certain places can be a problem but worry not because there are retractable banner stand that you can order online so you can put your tarpaulins on different places without worrying whether it would stand or not. Banner stands from bannerstandca.com are very convenient and easy to use and effective ways in showing your business’ tarpaulin. The retractable banner stand is very easy to create and it has very good quality that is why many business owners use it to promote their brand.

Get into Your Local Newspaper

Local newspapers are also a good way to market your business because they can reach those people who are not that inclined into technology. Share any newsworthy updates going in your business with press releases and promote it in your local newspaper and see how many people will show interest in your business. Even with the new technology, many people still enjoy reading newspaper so it will not be a waste of money to advertise there. You will also help your local newspaper and they will help your business at the same time.

Write Blogs for Your Business

Blogs doesn’t just work for your business in SEO-wise aspect but it is a good way to build trust between you and your customers. Updated blogs will create visitors on your site that will soon become customers. You can also advertise on blogs by researching where your target market likes to go. You can also write link-bait blogs that will encourage people to click on the link. The more people recommend your articles, the more traffic it will create to your website. Many business post blogs on regular basis because it will not only improve the traffic of their sites but it will update customers about the new and updating promos of the business and a lot of Millennials like that.

Get Testimonials and Recommendations

People nowadays are always checking online first before buying a product. If your site has genuine testimonials from your happy clients it will draw more clients in the future.  It will also be a good venue for the customers to say their side and you can learn from their words about the things that you can improve in your business. If your website has no testimonials or recommendation page, you can start now and see how honest testimonials can do to your business.

Lavender Chevron Senior Graduation Announcement

Claire is gorgeous girl, inside and out and I was thrilled when I was asked to do her senior portraits an announcements.

She was pretty specific of what she wanted and even sent me a sketch! She had a great eye for what would look good and they turned out simple and modern. These were printed on a pearlescent cardstock so they had a very subtle shine to them, and I paired them with lavender euro flap envelopes and wrap around address labels. She also had an additional insert to invite everyone to her open house after-graduation party.

claire1 claire-close-envelopes

Simple Tip for Better Product Photography

I have a simple tip for taking better photos of whatever it is you might want to showcase. Whether you’re a seller on Etsy or you like to take photos of your baking creations, this is a great way to maximize your available light for just $2 – OR less!

What you’ll need:

  • $1Tri-Fold Presentation Board – Dollar Tree
  • $1White Foam Board* – Dollar Tree
    * If you have a wide format printer, you can download a cool texture and print it as large as you can on a sheet and use that as a “floor drop.” You can also take files to FedEx (Kinko’s) to print on large sheets and use a piece of foam core to keep it straight. In the photo below I used a piece of cardstock printed with a white wash wood texture.

Here is a simple diagram of how I achieved the photo above. Super simple, see? You don’t have to have a great camera to achieve this look, either. I’ve used a Sony Cybershot before with this same set up, and this time I used a Canon Rebel T2i.


If this works for you, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. I will try to bring more helpful tips to the blog if you like this one!

Garden Party Birthday Invitation Suite

My daughter is turning 2 in March and as always, I like to go all out!

At first, I didn’t choose a “theme” per se, but just wanted to do something pretty and feminine. I’m not sure what she likes just yet, so I had fun just coming up with something cute for her. As I was choosing elements for her stationery, it started to look like a sweet garden party, and that’s when the suite started to take shape.

I went with a colorful floral number “2″ and elegant fonts with a modern bright green chevron pattern on the back. I paired it with a kraft brown envelope and lined it with a vintage floral pattern. I really wanted to add some twine, so I made the RSVP on a little kraft tag and tied it around the invitation. The wrap around address labels just feature some of the elements and the calligraphy font I used for her name. I can’t wait to start working on the rest of the elements for the party, but just had to share this design because I was so excited about how it turned out.