Simple Tip for Better Product Photography


I have a simple tip for taking better photos of whatever it is you might want to showcase. Whether you’re a seller on Etsy or you like to take photos of your baking creations, this is a great way to maximize your available light for just $2 – OR less!

What you’ll need:

  • $1Tri-Fold Presentation Board – Dollar Tree
  • $1White Foam Board* – Dollar Tree
    * If you have a wide format printer, you can download a cool texture and print it as large as you can on a sheet and use that as a “floor drop.” You can also take files to FedEx (Kinko’s) to print on large sheets and use a piece of foam core to keep it straight. In the photo below I used a piece of cardstock printed with a white wash wood texture.

Here is a simple diagram of how I achieved the photo above. Super simple, see? You don’t have to have a great camera to achieve this look, either. I’ve used a Sony Cybershot before with this same set up, and this time I used a Canon Rebel T2i.


If this works for you, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. I will try to bring more helpful tips to the blog if you like this one!