Introduction to Football

Football, also called soccer, is a game between two teams. Each of these teams consists of 11 Players. In the stadium where the match occurs, both teams have their fans carrying team sport banners design to cheer their team. You can see some fantastic football teams in the world today like Real Madrid, Chelsea Fc, Los Angeles Fc and the rest. All these great teams all have exquisitely designed football banners that give prestige to the fans and players during a game.

The rules of the game are trying to get the ball into your opponent’s goal by passing through your various teammates as you advance towards your opponent’s goal. While three umpires control the game, one is the main referee on the pitch, and the other referees are known as the linesmen who are stationed on the touchlines. It is the job of the main referee to spot any foul that occurs on the field from the players. For ordinary fouls committed, the referee has the right to issue a yellow card to the player as a warning sign. In contrast, For unusual fouls that are serious, the referee has the right to give a red card to the player that committed the foul, which means the referee will send the player off the field of play, reducing his team members to 10.

In most cases, when a team is red-carded, the other team capitalizes on this opportunity to inflict more damage on the team that is one man down. The job of the linesman is to indicate players who are found offside, advise the main referee on football decisions involving players infringement on the pitch, indicating when the ball is out of play, and deciding which team gets to resume play. The two linesmen are stationed at both sides of the pitch.

Scoring in Football

Scoring involves getting the ball into your opponent’s goal the right way by various means. Scoring a goal can include using your head or your feet. There are multiple ways of scoring in football; you can score via shooting the ball into the net from any position; you can score via penalty, which means you have to face off with the goalkeeper and kick the ball past him. You can also score with a freekick from whichever angle the referee blows a foul that isn’t in the penalty box. Any means of scoring with your hand, arm, or shoulder is prohibited in football. Allowing the ball to touch your hand is considered an offense by the referee. It is only the goalkeepers of both teams involved in the game that has the right to touch the ball with their hands because they have to catch the ball for their respective teams to stop it from going into the net. Other players in the field of play can only pick the ball with their hands when the ball goes out of play, and it needs to be thrown back into play.

How To Win in the Game of Football

The game of football is all about scoring goals. It is the reason why many fans carry custom football banners along when going to support their teams. These sport banners inspire the players in play to do their best to score their opponents. All it takes to win the game of football is to score more than the opposing team. The team with more goals eventually wins the match. To win a football game, you have to score the most goals in the game, slated for 90 minutes, including two halves of 45 minutes each.

Football Rules

  • Football is known to have some fundamental rules that every player must abide with.
  • Football matches are played in 90 minutes, consisting of two halves known as the first half and second half, 45 minutes each. After the first 45 minutes, the referee blows the whistle signaling the end of the first half. After this, the players get a 15 minutes break period before the second half commences.
  • Each team consists of 11 players: a goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders, and strikers.
  • The ball used is a circular one with a 61cm circumference.
  • Each team has the right to 7 substitutes to replace any player who needs to be changed from the game or any player who is injured. However, amongst the 7 substitutes, the maximum change a team can make in a game is just 3 changes. This substitution can take place anytime in the game.
  • Any serious foul a player commits in the game will deserve a red card or a yellow card by the referee—a yellow card for warning while a red card sends the player out of the game. However, if a player has a yellow card, he must be careful because two yellow cards automatically become a red card.
  • Penalties are given when a foul is committed in the 18-yard box surrounding the goal post.


Football is the most popular sport in the world. It involves so many top tournaments, with the world cup being the most popular of them all. It is just to enlighten you about football and how it is played.